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fifteen. Filipino-Chinese. EXOSHINee stan. i don't have a bias. jonghyun, onew, luhan, yixing, and sehun are bias wreckers. i don't have a life. i read. I write. i eat. i breathe. i love.


Looking back on 2013, the tears from being touched are gathering in the back of my eyes.

(I’m) not letting the tears fall, because I want to let you all see the most beautiful performance.
Just like the effort you’ve all put in when you are supporting us, EXO.
Yet there are some things that…


Fa q

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Precious bow tie boy ♥

Hey babe

Precious bow tie boy 

Hey babe

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Sunny bb ;;

Sunny bb ;;

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Captain of this ship forevssss

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all night

All night bb ;;

all night

All night bb ;;

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luhan singing alone in his bedroom on showtime

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their relationship is so cute ;;

that banana though

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